Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the way to the Post Office

Just listed.....Aqua Drops

I had an interesting trip to the Post Office today. A huge jeep which was being towed by a yellow tractor with a shovel on the front turned in front of me. This slowed by speed down to about five miles an hour! The jeep had these HUGE wheels on them and there was a guy in the jeep steering. There was no cover on the jeep. I never saw anyone bounce around so much......up, down, all around! After a bit, I started noticing these strange rectangular gray things on the road. The back of the jeep had opened up and I think they were padded parts of seats that were dropping out. I honked my horn to get their attention and dodged the things? in the road. Then, I noticed the guy in the jeep frantically trying to get the attention of the one towing him. I don't think he noticed! By then, it was my time to make my turn into the Post Office. The lines were quite long so I was in there for quite a while. I also had to go to the bank so I went another way home. Hopefully, they were able to retrieve their dropped cargo!

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