Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blooms and Love Birds - Brass Filigree Wrapped Hand Painted Porcelain Floral Necklace

♥Blooms and Love Birds♥

This is a beautiful wrapped porcelain necklace with repousse clasp. The hand painted porcelain piece was once part of a magnificent watch (nonworking). It is slightly convex and unique. At this time, I have a listing for a pair of lever back earrings for pierced ears that coordinate with this necklace. This brass is nickel and lead free.

On a personal note.....The high school attendance called today and wanted to know why Landon wasn't at school today as he was marked absent. I informed them that he was there and would they please check and give me a call back. Yep! Got a call back as he was there. This happened once before when he was in middle school. Landon is dropped off at school every morning. He really is a great guy!

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