Thursday, August 27, 2009

Beautiful Music!

My older son had this playing on his PC the other day and I was mesmerized! He was getting ready for work and had this on. My younger son really likes it too. I think its great that my sons have opened themselves up to listen and enjoy different types of music. Listening to music has always been extremely important to me. It inspires me when I create. It can help put me in just the right mood!

This sounded much better on my son's PC! He has a very nice sound card and speakers.....I don't!

I sanded the door on the back side of the garage yesterday. My husband had me sand it forever with an electrical hand sander! I masked off the window and was able to get one side primed yesterday. In about an hour, I will add the primer coat to the second side. My back hurts from standing over that door! I thought it looked nicely sanded after five minutes! My husband didn't and I ended up sanding for about 30 minutes a side! I am a perfectionist when it comes to my jewelry but he's The Man when it comes to painting/wood working so I grumbled and completed the task to his standards. I'm sure I will feel better much better when the door is completed and it looks good, and I mean good!


Cascade Necklace

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