Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Thursday Again!

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This pic was taken about two years ago. My husband, Landon and I and the two shepherds had gone for a Fall walk in the woods around Otterbein Lake. Many boy scout projects have been going on there and its looking really nice. There are lots of wooded trails and bike paths in the area. I have found a maze of paths off of the bike trail and I haven't been able to explore all of them yet!

Yesterday, I found a note on the door that we are getting a new tree to replace our Locust tree. It's going to be a Tatarian Maple. I can't wait to see our new, little stick! Yes, I am being sarcastic; I still miss our big old Locust tree! The sidewalk has been poured and the area graded. Just waiting now for our new, little tree.

♥•.*Night Shadow Earrings*.•♥


Lisa said...

wow, those earrings are wonderful!! Great colors!

Katofmanycolors said...

Thanks for commenting Lisa! I love these purple stones!