Friday, December 11, 2009

Saphiret and Czech Button Glass Earrings

Saphiret and Czech Button Glass Earrings

«::: Random Tip of The Day:::»
I have decided to add a tip here and there on my blog on how to better cope with today's economy. Just little things, a thought here and there, but they can sure add up!

Today's tip would be to evaluate the cell phone plan that you have based on your needs. I have a pay as you go plan. I'm not big on talking on a cell phone but I do want one for emergencies. I don't need a plan with lots of minutes each month. With my provider, if I recharge my phone the day before my minutes expire, all of my minutes roll over. I have lots of minutes! They may cost me more per minute than some plans but this really works out best for me. I only have to recharge my phone every three months and I can do it by phone or on-line.

Got Cell Phone Plan?

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