Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Getting Over the Flu!

I have had the flu since Friday. Feeling a little bit better today. It has snowed every day and we are expecting extreme cold in the next few days. I need to go to the grocery store sometime....maybe tomorrow! My son is hoping that school will be canceled!

I am posting a picture of our German shepherd's grandfather. Our dogs both have the same mother. Mi Chief Braveheart (Bubba) passed away just recently. He did some modeling at one time for Dog Bloom Vitamins. He was an outstanding and truly loved German Shepherd. If you click on the above picture, it will take you to the Mintern's German Shepherd web site. If you like German shepherds, you will spend quite a bit of time on Kellie's site enjoying yourself. At the bottom of the page is a sepia of my two shepherds (Mintern's Old Fashioned German Shepherds, Jazzy and Mo-Jo Best Friends).

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