Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bathroom Makeover Pictures

These are the pictures of the downstairs bathroom that I have mentioned before that my husband has worked on. It went from an off-white to this Red Delicious color with white accents. The ceiling was repaired and painted too. All that is left to do in this room is the floor......ran out of money for now. Finding what we needed at Habitat for Humanity really saved some money here and of course my husband is handy! The paint was one of the bigger expenses.

New bathroom sink and counter top. The sink is all porcelain with brass and porcelain knobs. The sink cost was $25. The counter top $5. New hole had to be cut for this sink and piece cut down to size. We used the existing splash guards. The counter top has a nice oak trim on it.

New mirror/cabinet with light. Cost $21. It had to be cleaned and then a coat of polyurethane was added after it was sanded. Some straightening was done on the back of this with glue and clamps I believe. The left side was also damaged and we bought a piece of wood to fix...$1. I found these low watt bulbs at The Home Depot. I don't have the entire piece pictured but it has three sections that open up. It looks a thousand times better than what was in here. That cabinet was probably original to the house.

New white blind $2. I already had the white, ruffled sham from another window. It was exactly what I wanted for this room.

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