Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here is What's Blooming Right Now!

This day lily opened up the other day. These lily's originally came from my mother-in-law. She dug them up from the side of the road, out in the country years ago. I had them at our first house and transplanted some to our house that we are in now seventeen years ago. They were in the back, right corner of our yard but I had to move them when we put a garden in there. They are now along the left side of the yard. Landon has also transplanted them to his area and along the side of the garage. They spread nicely and are easy to separate and transplant in the Spring and Fall. Some of my neighbors have them in their yards too and they originally came from my plants.They are so pretty in bloom!

The Rose of Sharon are just starting to open up too. We have two big bushes along the left side of the yard and some smaller ones. We did not plant these originally.....the birds did! We enjoy these as they bloom for quite a while unlike the day lily's. My brother-in-law took starts from these a couple of years ago to Charlotte, North Carolina. Interesting how these flowers travel around!
♥Bermuda Blue Flash♥
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