Monday, May 25, 2009

Bubba Graphite Drawing by Leanne Wildermuth

As posted previously here on my blog, Mo-Jo, one of my German Shepherds won a custom portrait by Leanne Wildermuth. I truly treasure this drawing! I was so happy that I e-mailed Kellie at Mintern's German Shepherds and told her about Leanne's weekly contest. Above is her Bubba's picture and you can click on it to take you to Leanne's site and see all of the comments or consider participating in her contest. Bubba is the grandfather to both of my shepherds, Mo-Jo and Jazzy. We met Bubba (Mi Chief Braveheart) when we first visited Kellie and I can honestly say that he was one magnificent shepherd! My husband and family could not say enough about our visit and he was a big part of our conversations! Bubba meant so very much to Kellie and he has since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Leanne has made a video of his portrait in process. You can read Bubba's story here. I had tears in my eyes while viewing this video. So I think in conclusion, I will add my little poem that I wrote about my shepherds:

I am worried….. you are there.
I am so sad….. you are there.
I reach out and touch you….. you are there.
I am so very joyful….. you are there.
I will never take for granted one minute of our lives….. that we have been blessed to share.


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