Monday, May 4, 2009

Mo-Jo - Custom Portrait Winner

We won a custom portrait of Mo-Jo. Just click on his picture or the link below to get to Leanne's. You too can enter a picture to win! She does pets, animals, people. Please check out her site. You will be amazed by her talent! This portrait will truly be treasured by my family!

This is the little poem that I shared with Leanne when I entered my picture of Mo-Jo:

I am worried…..
you are there.
I am so sad…..
you are there.
I reach out and touch you…..
you are there.
I am so very joyful…..
you are there.
I will never take for granted one minute of our lives…..
that we have been blessed to share.



Cherry Tart Design said...

Beautiful dog! I love German Shepherds! She did an outstanding job on the portrait also! Lucky you! :)

Katofmanycolors said...

We feel so very fortunate to have won! This picture will be treasured! Leanne has some very ultimate talent!