Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mo-Jo and Jazzy Enjoying a Sunny Day Outside

This week has been extremely sunny. I don't think I have seen one cloud in the sky! I was sitting outside on the brick patio taking a break and just had to grab my camera and take some new pictures of Mo-Jo and Jazzy. Mo-Jo decided he would hang out in the shade. Jazzy decided to sun herself on the brick patio. It got up into the low 80's.....a bit too warm for me! Today and tomorrow will probably be the same. We went for our walk this morning on the wooded path on the back side of Hoover Dam......much, much cooler!

♥Sea Opal♥

Listed these pretty earrings today. The stones are vintage, unfoiled Sabrina glass with hints of green and blue (aqua). They have an opal or milky appearance and are wrapped in hand oxidized, filigree brass.

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