Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Father's Mother

This is my father's mother.....Mary. I don't know how old that she was when this was taken. She was a country girl raised in southern Ohio......Beaver, Jackson, Ohio.

When my brother was born premature and with a hernia, I had chicken pox. I stayed with my grandma and grandpa about a month so that they could bring baby David home and not expose him to my illness. David and I are only eleven months apart in age. I took my first steps to my grandparents. My grandma made the best deserts. I still remember her fabulous Boston Cream pies! I remember too, that she drank her coffee black. She always found the best birthday cards. I remember one with whimsical fairies and pink glitter on it! Even though later in life she became blind, she could still find the most perfect birthday gift. I loved staying with her on the weekends when I became older.

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