Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Updated Pics of Mo-Jo & Jazzy

Here are some updated pictures of Mo-Jo and Jazzy taken Monday evening. It was in the 80's that day so the doggies were hot! Today it's in the 70's and overcast. We didn't get much rain but there's a 70% chance of it tomorrow. The lawn is being cut right now. The mower that we share with my husband's sister was not working. My husband had to tear it apart and clean the carburetor. He's already doing a project in the kitchen and he will be replacing the sink in the upstairs's leaking! Someone gave us a nice sink years ago and that's what is going in there as soon as he can get to it. He's been a busy man! We are so fortunate that he is handy at fixing things!

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Inspiration By Karen said...

Your furry family is gorgeous!