Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Roof

The roofers started today on the upper right roof. Our house is a four level split. Ohio only had a 30% chance of rain but it has drizzled all day. It is still going on right now! The men that are doing are roof are also firemen so they are working at their other jobs tomorrow. They will be back on Friday and will finish no later than Saturday. We have a lovely, beat up dumpster sitting in our driveway for the old shingles. I grabbed a parking space in the driveway after taking Landon over to his friends. He is on Spring break this week. Doesn't look like Spring. My weeping cherry tree that you see in my pictures has not bloomed yet. It has delicate pink flowers that cascade down and looks incredible. We have two older flowering crab apple trees in the back yard that only look good when they flower. You can stand under their canopy when in bloom and smell their faint, sweet scent. When the blooms start to fall it almost looks like its snowing!

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