Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Random Pics

Just a few more picture that Landon took while on our walk on Sunday. He took the one picture of the water from up high on a bridge. It looks like everything here in central Ohio is getting ready for Winter.

«::: Random Tip of The Day:::»
I have decided to add a tip here and there on my blog on how to better cope with today's economy. Just little things, a thought here and there, but they can sure add up!

Today's tip would be to lower the temperature on the thermostat for the heater. We like it cooler in our house so this has saved us lots! If we do feel chilled, everyone goes and looks to find their hoodie. A bath by candlelight is so very relaxing. It is suggested that you turn your thermostat down at least six to eight degrees at night. We sleep much better this way but you will find everyone snuggled under their down comforters too!

One must always consider the elderly, sick, and children in this decision.

Lowered the Thermostat?

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