Thursday, November 5, 2009

Self Portrait

Landon took this picture of himself using a mirror for his experimental assignment in digital photography. I took a few liberties with the file and played with it in Photoshop Elements.


Pair of earrings for pierced ears. The wires are brass and have an antique copper finish. This brass is nickel and lead free.

«::: Random Tip of The Day:::»
I have decided to add a tip here and there on my blog on how to better cope with today's economy. Just little things, a thought here and there, but they can sure add up!

Today's tip would be to purchase a turkey at my local grocery for three weeks in a row. Turkey is priced at $.29 lb. this year! I will use one for Thanksgiving, one for New Year's and maybe another for a family gathering. I store these in our large freezer that we have.

We boil everything down after we separate the meat and make a broth. This is frozen for later use. I use the breasts, extra dressing, and gravy to make a casserole from leftovers later on. I have all of these stored in the freezer. I use one of the turkey breasts, stuffing, and gravy. I add salt and pepper to taste. I will start with two cups of rice that ends of being four cups after cooked. I combine everything in a casserole dish and bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes. I call it my
After Thanksgiving Casserole!

Got Turkey?

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